Currently based out of New Hampshire, Carol Gove received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 1993 and studied at the DeCordova Museum School in Boston following. Gove’s recent collages draw from nature, landscape, and abstract expressionism, attempting to strike a balance between painterly gesture and the physicality of a pasted collage fragment. The artist mines personal and aesthetic history for source material, re-using scraps of old handwritten letters, yellowing labels, sheet music, sewing patterns, and other memorabilia from the lives of familial others, creating something new out of the old. The work aims to create a dialogue and play between the graphical history and textures of found materials and the fluidity and opacity of paint. Remnants of imagery appear and disappear as the materials are washed and worn by layers of paint. By giving a glimpse of a recognizable fragment or common history, Gove allows viewers to be reminded of their own personal memories while looking at her work.