April 28 – June 4 2016


American by birth, but raised in post-war Germany during the formative years of his childhood, painter Chester Arnold regularly delves into the complexities of the human psyche. His compositions present skewed linear perspectives that place the viewer above and beyond the unfolding narratives. Natural landscapes are subverted by his preoccupation with the detritus of human accumulation.


Southern California artist Daniel Douke responds to everyday experiences by rendering the transient packaging of consumer products – particularly the box. At first glance, Douke’s boxes appear to be simply found objects – à la Marcel Duchamp. However, upon closer look, these are paintings that are rendered in exquisite detail, with text, packaging tape, smudges, and dents all carefully observed and painted. Even the canvas is stretched and shaped to perfection. Douke painstakingly captures every blemish, undulation, and discoloration, creating a reproduction designed for permanence and value.